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After years of an administration bent on denigrating fossil fuels, many too often forget the advancements made by the coal-based electricity industry. That’s why the launch of our Coal Facts web page is critical in helping to communicate the truth about technological improvements and coal’s important role in our energy portfolio. The AP team is excited to see this message spread across the country and is encouraged Americans are recognizing that coal power is not only keeping their costs low, but is also doing so efficiently.

In fact, from 1970 to 2015, emissions from coal-fueled power plants have been reduced by 92 percent, primarily through the use of at least 15 clean coal technologies. The improvements, however, don’t stop there.  By 2019, the coal-based electric industry is expected to have invested more than $126 billion to reduce emissions and to use this critical resource more cleanly and efficiently than ever before.

Americans who have been getting the true facts on coal-based electricity have voiced their support for its advanced use:

  • “Coal has been and will be an integral part of our world for years to come. The industry puts forth every effort to efficiently extract a product that continues to provide necessary energy to keep America and the world working.” – Dawn, PA
  • “Civilization.  Coal built it. Using it has never been better to its full extent in energy value and environmental stewardship. Why abandon an old and improving friend of civilization?” – Tim, OK
  • “I wholeheartedly support growth in our clean, safe, efficient and reliable coal-based electrical infrastructure!” – Michael, IA

These Americans join an overwhelming majority of voters, who when polled earlier this year said they are pleased with air quality in the United States.


In a nation where our air is arguably the cleanest on Earth, the coal-based electricity industry is working tirelessly to become even more efficient, all while keeping costs affordable for every American; a quality effort to recognize during next week’s National Air Quality Awareness Week.

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It's simple. #CoalPower is domestic energy, making US less dependent on foreign sources and increasing our security.

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America's PowerMar 3 at 7:57am
A bill moving through the North Dakota legislature, SB 2314 on the Senate side, would call for a study on the state’s future energy supply. Some legislators, like Senator Jessica Unruh (R-33), have called for action to “level the playing field,” as subsidies in the state for wind power often causes operators to favor those sources. Coal power provides the reliable baseload electricity that North Dakota needs, read our thoughts on the bill and North Dakota’s energy future here:
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