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For more than a year, the America’s Power Share Your Story initiative has allowed us to hear what affordable coal-based electricity means to hundreds of Americans. From a family of four in Missouri, to a small business owner in Ohio, to a single mother in Florida, people across the country have told us about the positive impact low-cost electricity has on their lives, families and communities.

A recent submission from Coleman of West Virginia really hit home with me and seemed to perfectly capture why affordable energy plays such a critical role in our daily lives:

“I look around this room. Is there anything I see that has not been created, sustained, or delivered without the benefit of cheap available energy?”

Coleman’s story prompted me to take a look at look at my surroundings. The food I’m eating, the clothes I’m wearing, the chair beneath me, the lights above my head – nearly everything around me is made possible through affordable power and the related positive effects it has on our society.

As you go through your daily routine today, I challenge you to look around and think “would this be possible without affordable energy?” In nearly every instance of modern life, the answer is no. Low-cost electricity from coal not only helps keep the modern conveniences we enjoy affordable – it is one of the very reasons our nation has become the advanced economic leader we are today.

Take a moment to think about what affordable power means to you and consider sharing your thoughts with us. We want to hear your story, because it’s the voices of people like you who can help make sure affordable electricity from coal continues to be one of the greatest advantages of American life.

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Grid operators @miso_energy & @pjminterconnect should consider policies that properly value reliable baseload coal: //t.co/plzjdfPY0Z

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.@jkunruh and other @ndgov leaders know #CoalPower is #reliable. It's essential for generating baseload #electricity //t.co/plzjdfPY0Z

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Affordable energy is a must for job creators in America. #CoalPower is a cheap, dependable source of energy. //t.co/7MMcf09Mcz

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#CoalPower is essential to providing reliable and affordable baseload #electricity, a must-have for a growing economy.

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It's simple. #CoalPower is domestic energy, making US less dependent on foreign sources and increasing our security.

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America's PowerMar 3 at 7:57am
A bill moving through the North Dakota legislature, SB 2314 on the Senate side, would call for a study on the state’s future energy supply. Some legislators, like Senator Jessica Unruh (R-33), have called for action to “level the playing field,” as subsidies in the state for wind power often causes operators to favor those sources. Coal power provides the reliable baseload electricity that North Dakota needs, read our thoughts on the bill and North Dakota’s energy future here: http://www.americaspower.org/north-dakota-recognizes-importance-coal-fueled-baseload-electricity/
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