Senators and Representatives from Across the Country Join Together to Rebuke Obama’s Energy Plan


Washington, D.C. – Thirty-four senators and 171 congressmen from 41 states yesterday filed a “friend of the court” brief urging the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to rule EPA’s power plan unlawful.  ACCCE applauds these members of congress and by extension their states, for reasserting their authority in an era of expanding executive overreach.

“The representatives of millions of Americans, rich and poor, urban and rural, stood up yesterday as one with the aim of persuading the D.C. Circuit Court to do the right thing – protect all Americans from EPA’s illegal power plan,” said Mike Duncan, president and CEO of ACCCE.  “The fact that the signatories are comprised of a diverse group of legislators, representing a diverse component of the country, demonstrates the writing is on the wall – the American people do not want to trade energy security and affordability for ineffectual environmental benefits.”

Congress Brief

A clear majority are represented in the brief as this map shows at least one member of congress in each solid states is a signatory.

The brief joins many others, including one from ACCCE, in advance of oral arguments, scheduled for June 2.


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It's simple. #CoalPower is domestic energy, making US less dependent on foreign sources and increasing our security.

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A bill moving through the North Dakota legislature, SB 2314 on the Senate side, would call for a study on the state’s future energy supply. Some legislators, like Senator Jessica Unruh (R-33), have called for action to “level the playing field,” as subsidies in the state for wind power often causes operators to favor those sources. Coal power provides the reliable baseload electricity that North Dakota needs, read our thoughts on the bill and North Dakota’s energy future here:
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