New Video Separates Coal Facts From Fiction

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity released a new video today examining the facts and fiction of a world with and without coal-based electricity.  The video is based on information derived from Coal Facts, a web page that utilizes data to highlight the important role reliable, affordable electricity plays in our everyday lives.

“The facts are undeniable – a world with coal is a much more pleasant and comfortable way of life than a world without,” said Laura Sheehan, ACCCE senior vice president of communications.  “Coal’s impact on affordable energy and reliable power cannot be understated.  It ensures the lights come on when needed and keeps pocketbooks full for other expenses, all the while keeping America globally competitive.”

Proposed policy courtesy of EPA’s disastrous and illegal Power Plan creates a scenario in which, according to the video, electricity prices would rise, local communities would lose jobs, and our national economy would suffer.

On the other hand, the United States has enough coal reserves to last for the next 280 years, which would go a long way in supporting the more than 700,000 U.S.-based jobs that depend on coal’s use. Additionally, states that use coal to generate electricity on average have lower electricity rates.  According to the Coal Facts webpage, 22 states generate, on average, less than 8 percent of their electricity from coal but pay 24 percent more than the national average price of electricity.  Conversely, 15 states generate, on average, nearly 70 percent of their electricity from coal but pay 13 percent less than the national average.

“The facts are clear as day,” continued Sheehan.  “Coal-based electricity directly correlates to strong jobs and a stronger U.S. economy.  It would be foolish to turn our backs on our past and present for an uncertain future.”


The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is a partnership of the industries involved in producing electricity from coal.  Coal, an abundant and affordable American energy resource, provides nearly 35 percent of our power.  By 2018, the coal-based power industry is expected to have invested more than $126 billion to reduce emissions and to use this critical resource more cleanly and efficiently than ever before.

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America's PowerFeb 2 at 11:15am
The U.S. coal fleet provides millions of U.S. families and businesses access to affordable, reliable electricity. It also has positive economic impacts by creating jobs and strengthening our global competitiveness by cutting costs for American industry. Baseload coal electricity must be an integral part of America’s energy future.