New National Poll Finds Overwhelming Support for Coal-Based Electricity

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Following the release of new national poll results conducted by Morning Consult regarding support for coal-based electricity, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity issued the following statement:

“Once again, the writing is on the wall – American voters overwhelmingly support the use of coal to generate electricity.  And once again, public opinion does not match public policy.  In a new national poll conducted by Morning Consult, 54 percent of registered voters ‘totally approve’ the use of coal to generate electricity, compared to 32 percent who ‘totally disapprove.’ 14 percent have no opinion.

“Despite the near-constant fearmongering campaign conducted by this administration and its allies, the electorate continues to recognize the importance coal plays in the production of affordable and reliable energy.”

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.@TPPF’s Hartnett White: when wind speeds fluctuate, #coal generation can increase or decrease to meet demand. //

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Many towns have had their #economic epicenters rocked by enviro groups who have little regard for reality. //

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Despite their livelihoods being viewed as collateral damage by green groups, Colstrip residents remain strong. //

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Communities like Colstrip are confronting attacks on their way of life. It’s more important than ever to #SYS! //

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#FACT: America relies on #coal for #affordable, reliable power. //

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Coal-fired power plants help make sure we have electricity 24/7. Unlike other fuel sources that are “just in time” or intermittent, coal can be stockpiled on site and is always available no matter the weather. This is just one of the reasons why coal-based electricity plays such a critical role in keeping America running. Learn more:
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