New National Poll Finds Overwhelming Support for Coal-Based Electricity

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Following the release of new national poll results conducted by Morning Consult regarding support for coal-based electricity, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity issued the following statement:

“Once again, the writing is on the wall – American voters overwhelmingly support the use of coal to generate electricity.  And once again, public opinion does not match public policy.  In a new national poll conducted by Morning Consult, 54 percent of registered voters ‘totally approve’ the use of coal to generate electricity, compared to 32 percent who ‘totally disapprove.’ 14 percent have no opinion.

“Despite the near-constant fearmongering campaign conducted by this administration and its allies, the electorate continues to recognize the importance coal plays in the production of affordable and reliable energy.”

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.@MorriseyWV: #CPP is putting at risk affordable #energy and thousands of good paying #jobs. //

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.@BracewellLaw’s Holmstead: #Obama doesn't have authority to regulate industry unless it is given to him by Congress //

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Even EPA's McCarthy told Congress #EPA can't measure #CPP impact on global temps, b/c it would be incredibly small. //

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#CPP’s legal flaws are many and fatal. //

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America's PowerSep 9 at 5:30am
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has a big decision to make on EPA’s Power Plan next week – America’s access to affordable electricity hinges on it. If the court doesn’t say “no,” households in 32 states could face a 15% average increase in electricity prices and a peak year increase of 19%. It’s bad policy that’s out of touch with American families who need equal access to low-cost power. That’s why we’re asking our fans to urge the court to make the right decision. If you have a story to share, be sure to send us a comment. You could be featured in one of our next posts.