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Washington, D.C. – Following the unveiling of her climate change goals yesterday, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity reminds presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that everyday Americans depend more on affordable, reliable energy from coal—supplying nearly 40 percent of our nation’s electricity—than any other fuel source.


“We are disappointed Mrs. Clinton would continue the dog and pony climate show of the current administration instead of protecting the best interests of consumers and our economy,” said Laura Sheehan, senior vice president for communications at ACCCE. “As a purported advocate of everyday Americans, Mrs. Clinton must look beyond political ideology and pursue an energy platform acknowledging the fundamental role coal-based electricity has and will play in keeping the lights on and allowing consumers to reach their full potential.”


ACCCE has long contended that shifting America’s energy dependence on to expensive and intermittent power sources like renewables will only risk having consumers pay more for less dependable electricity access.


“If Mrs. Clinton is serious about keeping Americans out of poverty and protecting our economy, she’ll pursue a commonsense energy platform that includes the role of affordable and reliable coal-based electricity,” Sheehan added.


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