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Rockefeller, Voinovich propose $850 million for CCS R&D

The development of carbon capture and storage technologies would receive hundreds of millions of dollars in federal support under draft legislation released March 22 by Sens. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., and George Voinovich, R-Ohio.

United Mine Workers call for BP boycott over CEO’s comments

The United Mine Workers of America is calling for a boycott of BP PLC's gas stations after the oil giant's CEO called it unwise for U.S. policymakers to try to save coal jobs.

British Official Urges Development Of CCS Technology

David Kidney, Undersecretary of state for the Department of Energy and Climate Change in the UK, writes, "With world demand for coal set to increase by over 60% over the period 2006-30, according to the International Energy Agency, as countries like China and India build the new power stations they need, it is clear that there is no credible solution to climate change without CCS."

Sequestering carbon dioxide seen as critical to coal gasification technology

Finding a way to capture and use or dispose of carbon dioxide has become essential for utility companies. Given concerns about carbon dioxide's contribution to climate change, utilities are confronted with the possibility that the gas, a byproduct of burning coal at power plants, may face increased regulation.

Project Seeks To Use Supersonic Shock-Waves For CO2 Compression

An Energy Department-backed project is using supersonic shock-wave technology used in jet engines to compress carbon dioxide for storage at coal-fired power plants and other industrial sites. The goal: Develop the cheapest, fastest and most efficient compressors.

State Senate passes Clean Air Clean Jobs bill, giving nod to gas over coal

The state Senate passed the Clean Air Clean Jobs Act (HB 1365) on third reading Wednesday, sending to Gov. Bill Ritter the bill that will retrofit or shut down several aging coal-fired Xcel power plants.

Hurdles remain to climate bill passage

The Hill reports that as Sens. John Kerry, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman “make concessions to industries,” in their pursuit of a compromise climate bill, “they run the risk of losing support on the left, including from environmental groups that have been the longest and strongest backers of climate action.”

Coal-plant conversion bill on governor’s desk

A measure to convert coal-fired power plants in the Denver area to natural gas was sent to Gov. Bill Ritter’s desk Wednesday.House Bill 1365, introduced by a bipartisan group of lawmakers that included three from the Western Slope, is designed to help clear air pollution on the Front Range while boosting gas drilling on the Western Slope.

PNNL Develops Liquid That Can Clean Power Plant Emissions

The Oregonian reports, “Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash., have developed a reusable organic liquid that can pull harmful gases such as carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide out of industrial emissions from power plants.

Mining Association comments on “Clean Air, Clean Jobs Act”

The Colorado Mining Association (CMA) today condemned the passage of legislation to retire existing coal fired power plants along the Front Range and replace them with higher cost natural gas. The bill, Colorado House Bill 10-1365, also known as the “Clean Air - Clean Jobs Act," passed after extensive floor debate, in which several senators offered amendments that would have resulted in additional time to study its provisions.

AEP Seeks Stimulus Money For Carbon Capture Projects

American Electric Power wants $334 million in federal stimulus money to build the country's first commercial-scale system to capture carbon dioxide emitted from coal-fired power plants and bury it underground. The system would be used in New Haven, W.Va., at AEP's Mountaineer plant, home to one of the biggest fossil-fueled power generators in the world.

India seeks cooperation with US on clean coal, coal gasification development

Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal today expressed the need for strengthening cooperation with the US in the areas of clean coal technologies and underground coal gasification.

AEP outlines Mountaineer CCS project

Over the past few weeks representatives from American Electric Power have attended various public meetings to discuss the company’s Carbon Capture and Storage Project.

California To Start Certification Process For CCS Plant

Bloomberg News reports that California’s Energy Commission said that “it will consider approving a carbon-capture plant proposed by a joint venture of units of Rio Tinto Plc and BP Plc.” The project, which “will require more than $1 billion in investment,” will “convert blends of petroleum coke and coal into hydrogen that will be used to fuel a power station,” and “will also capture 90 percent of the carbon dioxide produced.”

Carbon Capture Project Proposed For Wise County Plant

The Bristol Herald-Courier reports, “A demonstration project to remove carbon dioxide from coal-fired smokestack emissions has been proposed for a controversial power plant under construction in Wise County, Va., and the project could be partially funded with federal stimulus dollars.”

Sanderson: Clean energy bill a bust

House Bill 1365, erroneously called the Clean Energy-Clean Jobs Act, speedily moved through the Colorado legislature under a plan engineered by Gov. Bill Ritter, Xcel Energy, the natural gas industry and some environmentalists.

University Of Texas Among Those Awarded CCS Research Grant

The Washington Examiner reported that Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced Thursday that “the University of Texas at Austin is one of seven organizations receiving funding to develop sequestration technology training projects.” The $8.4 million awarded to the university “will be used to train site developers, geologists, engineers, and technicians in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technologies for CO2 sequestration.” Said Chu, “These projects will train workers for a clean energy economy and help position the United States as a leader in carbon capture and storages tech

Officials think ‘Clean Air’ bill will hurt jobs

State Sen. Al White, R-Hayden, said the state Senate approval of House Bill 10-1365, also known as the Clean Air, Clean Jobs Act, on Wednesday, will harm the Colorado coal industry and mining jobs.

Jackson: EPA will impose CO2 restrictions if Congress doesn’t pass climate bill

Newsweek notes that EPA administrator Lisa Jackson warns that if Congress fails to pass legislation this year, the EPA “will use its authority under America's Clean Air Act to phase in new restrictions on carbon dioxide.”

Plans for new coal-generated power plant in Kentucky proceed

The Middlesboro (KY) Daily News reports, “Plans to construct a coal-fired power plant within Bell County - directly off of US Highway 119 - continue to develop, according to local officials.