New Web Video Looks At President Obama’s History With Coal

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WASHINGTON – The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity today unveiled a new web video contrasting President Obama’s campaign rhetoric on coal with the record of the Obama EPA, which is seeking to regulate coal out of existence in the United States.
“The President used to say the right things about coal, now millions of Americans need him to do the right things about coal,” said Evan Tracey, Senior Vice President, Communications of ACCCE.  “Democrats and Republicans should agree that coal is critical to keeping electricity affordable and reliable.” 
The video spotlights speeches from the 2008 campaign in which then-Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden spoke of the importance of clean coal.  It then takes a brief look at the impact of recent EPA regulations that will shutter coal-fueled power plants and destroy American jobs.  The video concludes with the recent news that the Obama campaign updated their website to include “clean coal” in their energy strategy after criticism from lawmakers.
The video can be viewed online at: