New ‘Beyond Coal’ Ad Campaign Seeks to Move America Beyond Prosperity

Thursday, March 8, 2012

WASHINGTON – In response to the new Sierra Club and National Resources Defense Council’s seven-figure ad campaign supporting expensive new EPA rules, ACCCE Senior Vice President of Communications Evan Tracey released the following statement: “In their enthusiasm to embrace new EPA regulations—the most expensive ever written for electric utilities—and move America ‘beyond coal’, the Sierra Club and NRDC refuse to acknowledge that these rules would move America beyond jobs, beyond prosperity, and beyond global competitiveness. “Our nation must have reasonable environmental regulations that allow American families and businesses to count on a reliable, affordable supply of energy 24 hours of every day. “The new EPA regulations that Sierra Club and NRDC so enthusiastically support would increase electricity prices unnecessarily, especially electricity from coal. On the other hand, sensible regulations would be affordable, improve our environment, and promote a higher quality of life for all Americans.”