Low-cost, reliable electricity from coal powers households and businesses across America but regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency jeopardize our access to affordable power and will cause electricity prices to skyrocket. New analysis from NERA Economic Consulting reveals significant negative economic impacts resulting from EPA’s carbon emissions regulations, as the costs to comply with the plan could total nearly $300 billion from 2022 to 2033. Consumers will ultimately foot the bill for these rising costs, which include double-digit electricity price increases in 41 states, with 28 states potentially facing peak year electricity price increases of at least 20 percent.
Check out the analysis to see just how devastating EPA’s plan is for America’s consumers and businesses.


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By the Numbers: The Real Impacts of EPA’s Clean Power Plan


NERA’s new analysis projects that EPA’s Clean Power Plan will cost consumers and businesses as much as $39 billion a year, far outpacing the costs of compliance for all EPA rules for power plants in 2010 ($7 billion) and the annual cost of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards rule ($10 billion). The analysis also finds that additional coal retirements would total up to 47,000 megawatts or more of coal-based electricity, posing a major threat to electric reliability in many parts of the country.

Despite these significant impacts, EPA’s illegal rule will have virtually no effect on climate change, reducing atmospheric CO2 concentration by less than one-half of a percent, lowering global average temperature by 2/100th of a degree, and reducing sea level rise by the thickness of two sheets of paper.

What Does EPA's Plan Mean to Your Home State?