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Low-Cost Coal Ensures Affordable Energy for American Families

U.S. family incomes are not keeping pace with the rising cost of energy.

According to a study commissioned by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) that relies on government data, half of U.S. households will spend 20 percent of their family budget on energy, nearly double what they spent a little over ten years ago.

And for many families, high energy costs are now competing with other basic necessities such as food and healthcare.
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The study, “Energy Cost Impacts on American Families,” also revealed that energy costs continue to grow and eat up an increasingly larger share of low- and fixed‑income families’ budgets.  For instance, nearly one-­third of U.S. households had annual incomes of less than $30,000 in 2011. Energy costs in 2013 are projected to consume an average of 27 percent of their family budgets.  The study also found that disproportionate numbers of Black and Hispanic families are more vulnerable to energy price increases than other families.

Coal is an affordable, abundant and increasingly clean domestic energy resource that is vital to providing reliable low-cost electricity.  In fact, states that use more coal to generate electricity have lower electricity rates.

Keeping energy prices affordable is critical for so many families across America.  That is why it’s important that coal remains an integral part of our country’s energy portfolio.<<

Now it’s time to get smart about clean coal electricity.

Coal is this nation’s dominant source of electricity. Click here to see your state’s electricity portfolio, how it’s affected by energy policy, the people and places behind the coal-based electricity industry and the latest news regarding energy in your area.