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Keeping Electricity Prices Low for American Business

America’s economic health is on everyone’s mind these days. And how we rebuild our economy and create jobs is at the forefront of our national debate. Providing businesses with a reliable supply of affordable electricity is key to getting our economy back on track so we can maintain existing jobs and create millions of new ones.

Coal, and coal-fueled power plants, can also be a boon for local economies.Read more +

In fact, a study conducted by researchers at Pennsylvania State University, and funded by ACCCE, looked at direct and indirect jobs associated with coal because of access to low-cost energy. The study found that U.S. coal production, transportation and consumption for electric power generation will contribute more than $1 trillion of gross output – including 6.8 million jobs – directly and indirectly to the economy of the contiguous United States in 2015.

Coal’s affordability adds up to more money in the pockets of U.S. consumers, a better bottom line for business and a more vigorous American economy. <<

Now it’s time to get smart about clean coal electricity.

Coal is this nation’s dominant source of electricity. Click here to see your state’s electricity portfolio, how it’s affected by energy policy, the people and places behind the coal-based electricity industry and the latest news regarding energy in your area.