It’s a Fact: Americans Rely on Coal


“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” – John Adams

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Coal Facts, a data-driven web page that demonstrates with facts the important role coal-based electricity plays in our daily lives.

Much of the narrative provided by the Obama Administration has been to disparage and downplay the role coal has in providing affordable, reliable electricity. Coal Facts challenges this misleading narrative head-on by showing what state-by-state data clearly demonstrates: Americans across the country rely on coal.

Issues highlighted by the page include a comparison of the average electricity rates paid in states that get a significant portion of their electricity from coal versus the average rate paid by states that rely more heavily on other sources.. The data tells the story: the 15 states that use coal to generate nearly 70 percent of their electricity pay 13 percent less than the national average, while the 22 states that use coal for less than eight percent of their electricity pay 24 percent more than the national average. Coal means more affordable electricity rates, and some Americans see those savings while others don’t.


The Obama Administration and EPA have been attacking the coal-based electric industry and pushing for onerous regulations that will have a pricey effect hurting the millions of Americans who rely on the affordable power. This new web page tells the story quickly and clearly to anyone who wants to know more, and it counters the steady stream of government-funded negativity towards coal-power.

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Grid operators @miso_energy & @pjminterconnect should consider policies that properly value reliable baseload coal: //

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.@jkunruh and other @ndgov leaders know #CoalPower is #reliable. It's essential for generating baseload #electricity //

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Affordable energy is a must for job creators in America. #CoalPower is a cheap, dependable source of energy. //

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#CoalPower is essential to providing reliable and affordable baseload #electricity, a must-have for a growing economy.

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It's simple. #CoalPower is domestic energy, making US less dependent on foreign sources and increasing our security.

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America's PowerMar 3 at 7:57am
A bill moving through the North Dakota legislature, SB 2314 on the Senate side, would call for a study on the state’s future energy supply. Some legislators, like Senator Jessica Unruh (R-33), have called for action to “level the playing field,” as subsidies in the state for wind power often causes operators to favor those sources. Coal power provides the reliable baseload electricity that North Dakota needs, read our thoughts on the bill and North Dakota’s energy future here:
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