Facts on the Clean Power Plan

FACT 1: EPA manipulated its modeling assumptions to show smaller impacts on coal

FACT 2: 22 states are the biggest losers because the final CPP is more stringent than the proposed CPP

FACT 3: A land area the size of Indiana would be needed if all the retiring coal units were replaced by wind

FACT 4: A land area the size of 800,000 football fields would be needed if all of the retiring coal units were replaced by solar

FACT 5: EPA manipulated assumptions about future CO2 emissions in order to lower compliance costs

FACT 6: The benefits of the CPP are at least 95% less than EPA claims

FACT 7: U.S. GDP would be reduced by $430 trillion to meet international climate change goals

FACT 8: Consumers will pay more than $800 billion to reduce electricity use because of the Clean Power Plan

FACT 9: EPA’s projections about coal retirements are not even close to what has happened in the real world

FACT 10: Who’s suing EPA over the Clean Power Plan

FACT 11: Litigation Over the Clean Power Plan

FACT 12: Six Facts to Put the Clean Power Plan and COP-21 (Paris) into Perspective

FACT 13: Meaningless Temperature Changes

FACT 14: Opposition to the Clean Power Plan as of December 4, 2015

FACT 15: Key States for 2016 and EPA’s Clean Power Plan

FACT 16: Emission Reductions

FACT 17: Family Energy Costs and EPA’s Power Plan

FACT 18: President Obama’s Hollow Climate Pledge

FACT 19: A Cleaner Coal Fleet

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Baseload power is essential to ensure that customers have a reliable supply of electricity 24/7. Coal is an ideal source of baseload power – it is reliable, affordable, and readily available. http://bit.ly/2mKGECl
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