Family Energy Costs

Energy costs in the United States are on the rise. Since 2001, real energy costs for middle- and low-income families have increased by a staggering 27 percent. Over the same period, real after-tax income for these families has declined by 22 percent. Together, rising energy costs and declining incomes have created a perfect storm that’s devastating American families—underscoring the need for affordable, reliable energy from coal.


In many cases, rising energy costs are forcing families to choose between keeping the lights on and other basic necessities, like food and health care. We took a look at how the money being spent on out-of-control energy bills could go to pay for other things.

For an in-depth look at how rising energy costs are straining American families’ budgets, download our new report, “Energy Cost Impacts on American Families.”

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Family Energy Costs Get Involved

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