American families are feeling the pinch of rising energy prices and declining family incomes. Many families must make difficult decisions about where their hard-earned dollars are spent.

The impact of rising energy prices is especially troubling for nearly half of the U.S. households who on average have an annual budget of less than $23,000. Put another way, nearly half of America’s families have less than $1,900 a month to pay for necessities such as energy, food, housing and healthcare expenses. New EPA regulations that will drive up energy costs only spell more trouble for these struggling households.

Watch the video. Explore the infographic. Learn the truth about how Your House’s budget and energy costs stack up against the White House’s.

While the White House operates on over-the-top living expenses, everyday Americans are grappling with rising energy costs and declining incomes. Scroll through the infographic below to learn more.



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Download the accompanying infographic about family energy costs.

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