To keep America running each day, our homes, communities, small businesses and industries rely on affordable electricity. Coal is America’s most abundant and reliable energy resource, helping to keep electricity costs low and predictable. In fact, states that use coal to generate a substantial portion of their electricity pay lower rates than the national average.

This is especially helpful for America’s low- and middle-income families, who already spend 17 percent of their tight budgets on energy costs. For them, affordable electricity isn’t a luxury, but a lifeline that helps them keep food on the table and the lights on. Replacing affordable, coal-based electricity with more expensive will harm these families and force tough decisions no one should have to make. Embracing our abundant and affordable coal deposits, however, can help keep electric bills within their monthly budgets, ensuring families have extra dollars for other daily needs and life-improving opportunities.

For America’s businesses, low electricity rates means owners won’t have to choose power bills over payroll, instead empowering them to expand operations and create employment opportunities in their communities. From a local bakery, to energy-intensive industries such as manufacturing, affordable power is a cornerstone to America’s continued economic growth.