Creating cleaner, more efficient ways to harness the reliable and affordable energy provided by American coal isn’t just in the best interest of our industry, it’s also in the best interest of our country. As a nation, we’re continuing to work toward economic recovery and growth. The prospect of facing potentially devastating regulations that result in widespread job losses and higher energy prices for American households is the wrong path forward.

The coal industry provides skilled, high-quality jobs throughout the country. Coal-based industries were responsible for 800,000 jobs in total – 204,580 direct jobs and 601,100 indirect. Already announced coal-plant closures are causing high job losses, with more to come should EPA regulations for existing power plants move forward.

EPA is getting ready to propose additional regulations for existing power plants, which if too stringent will shutter even more plants, costs more jobs and result in higher energy costs for us all. The National Economic Research Associates (NERA) analyzed the impacts of a greenhouse gas regulation proposal by the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) that may be the basis of the EPA regulations. NERA’s analysis found that net job losses will total 2.85 million over the 2018-2033 period. At the same time, the cost for American consumers will amount to $13 to $17 billion per year during the same time period.

As an industry, we’re striving to strike a balance between providing cleaner, more efficient coal-fueled energy and protecting the jobs and livelihoods of our coal workers and our consumers. Potentially damaging regulations are not the right way to create jobs and they aren’t the right way to help keep consumer energy costs from rising. If we allow for flexible regulations that encourage innovation in cleaner electricity generation, we will spur even more economic and employment growth.

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