Our path to real energy security begins here at home. America’s abundant coal reserves and our continued use of coal to generate electricity are key components of a future that includes energy security. The reason coal is such a large part of our path to energy security is that it’s our most abundant domestic resource, found right here at home. Our domestic reserves of coal could last us 290 years.

With the demand for electricity rising both domestically and internationally, coal must continue to be a part of our energy policy. In the U.S. coal was responsible for 37.4 percent of the electricity generated in 2012, and in 2013 those numbers are already on the rise. According to the EIA projections, coal will remain the dominant fuel for electricity generation until 2040.

Internationally, global coal consumption is also on the rise. In 2012, coal was responsible for 39 percent of the electricity produced, by 2035 global coal consumption is projected to increase by about 40%

With the demand for coal continuing to increase, we need to invest in cleaner more efficient ways to generate electricity. Projects like the John W. Turk Jr. Plant, the first plant in the U.S. to commercialize ultrasupercritical boiler technology are important steps on the path to a future where cleaner coal is powering our country. It’s not just about the existing technology, it also about coming up with new ideas to help shape our energy future. To learn more about our efforts to engage young minds and encourage them to be a part of a cleaner future, watch our video from the University of Kentucky