Cell phones. Computers. Televisions. Americans are plugging in more devices that run on electricity than ever before. With our demand for energy growing, maintaining electric grid security through a balanced fuel portfolio is crucial. A cornerstone of keeping our grid stable is embracing all of our nation’s fuel sources, especially our abundant coal deposits.

It’s an undisputed fact – coal is America’s most abundant domestically produced energy resource. Our nation has more coal within its borders than any other country on Earth, with more than 260 billion tons in reserves. America’s recoverable coal reserves have the energy equivalent of 900 billion barrels of oil, greater than the Middle East’s known oil reserves. These deposits will provide American families and businesses with affordable electricity for at least 280 years at current consumption rates.

Just as modern life in the United States is unimaginable without electricity, so too is the notion our nation could meet its growing energy needs without our most abundant resource – coal. Projections by the U.S. Energy Information Administration say coal will remain the dominant fuel for electricity generation in the U.S. through 2040. Similarly, nations around the world are turning to coal to increase their own energy security, while also taking advantage of coal’s abundance and affordability to lift billions out of poverty.

As technology continues to advance, our lives become more plugged in and our world continues to modernize and grow, it’s imperative we responsibly use our most available energy resources to fuel better lives across the globe.