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W. Va. Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin on Coal

W. Va. Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin discusses coal during the 2012 State of the State.

New EPA Rules Mean Higher Cost, Lost Jobs Less for the Average Family to Spend

Protect Jobs. Protect the Recovery. The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing four new rules to further regulate the operation of coal-fueled power plants. The most expensive of these is called the Utility MACT rule. We asked National Economic Research Associates (NERA), an independent research firm, to model the potential economic impact if all four rules are implemented.

Arch Coal -- St. Louis, Missouri

The America's Power Tour journeys to the headquarters of one of America's largest coal producers, Arch Coal, to speak with Jennifer Johnson, senior vice president of sales and trading, about the potential effect of proposed EPA regulations on our continued ability to enjoy the abundance and affordability of coal to generate the reliable supply of electricity we all depend on.

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