“Affordable power means everything! We are a household of five, and my husband recently joined the growing number of unemployed workers. We can’t handle this increase!” – Kristen, MO

“Our family has struggled to pay electricity, gas, water and waste for years. One of the greatest necessities besides shelter and food is utilities. Wages have not increased, which means it is getting tougher every day to pay the utility bill. Without affordable power, I will not be able to maintain my sole proprietorship that I operate out of my home, reducing our income even further. When members of my family are working, I reduce the heat to less than 62 degrees, do not turn on the lights and use my computer minimally to save heat and electricity costs. I put on two or three layers of clothing to save. We must provide power at an affordable rate.” – Rebecca, CO

“This would mean no extras for my family. We have a child now, we wouldn’t be able to save the money needed for college, braces or even a family trip. This would devastate most people I know.” – Amber, MO

“Affordable power means everything. I take care of my grandchild and at times I fear that I cannot pay the electric bill, despite how hard I’m working.” – Vena, MO

“I can barely afford my power bill now due to groceries, house payments, vehicle payments and my cell phone. I don’t even know what vacation is anymore and I can’t save money because I have no extra money. Increasing power costs will just hurt American families more, especially the working class.” – James, FL

“Affordable power means my family can spend less time worrying about eating or having power, which is a very hard decision. Sadly, there are months when our bill is so high, we have to cut back on what we spend on groceries so when can keep the lights on.” – Sherry, OK

“Affordable power is critical to those of us with extremely limited means. I am on a limited income, as are my retired lineman father and mother. Our small checks must last a whole month. We are being squeezed to death by this boa constrictor of an administration. Affordable electricity helps us live and be able to afford the other basic things we NEED to survive. We need to be able to buy medicine, gas for vehicles, food and heat for our home. Prices have risen and the middle class is being crushed. When electric costs are low, we don’t have to go without something we need.” – Amanda, VA

“I am a 72-year-old on a fixed income, I live by myself and in the last year my electric bill doubled. If prices continue to increase, the only thing I can cut back on is groceries. What we’ve come to is sad for our country.” – Margaret, MO

“At 74 years of age and only just barely getting by on Social Security, any electricity increase would have to come from the few dollars we spend for food. Retirement isn’t supposed to be like this.” – David, VA

“My wife and I are retired. We tried our best to plan for less money coming in. The problem is everything is getting more expensive and our 44 years of hard work and frugal planning is falling short. To raise electric prices would affect not just my electric bill, but also everything else I pay for because those commodities would become more expensive. Anything increasing electric costs must be stopped.” – Robert, VA

“If our electric rates go up, I couldn’t afford to buy groceries or medicine my husband needs, much less try to save for a better car, or buy our first home. The cost of living is already high. I am struggling as is.” – Linda, MO