“Electricity from coal is one of the greatest resources on earth, having lifted millions here and across the world out of poverty.” – John, NC

“I look around this room. Is there anything I see that has not been created, sustained, or delivered without the benefit of cheap, available energy? Without this energy, a sizable number of us would not even be here, much less able to read and write and use whatever device is on our desk or in our hands reading this message. Coal not only keeps our lights on, but it also keeps the motors of industry turning and makes us a free people!” – G. Coleman, WV

“Affordable power helps people have a life that would otherwise be unlivable in these times of adversity.” – George, MO

“Affordable power keeps our energy bills in check so extra money can be spent in the community.” – Keith, IL

The energy the coal-power industry provides keep Americans comfortable and makes our lives easier in so many ways. I’m sorry to see their work interrupted by an ideology and policies that are harmful to the livelihoods of Americans.” – Karen, GA

“I thank the coal-based electricity industry for working hard to provide the power that makes our lives better.” – Lorraine, PA

Coal industry workers provide the power needed to enjoy the comforts in our lives. They are responsible for enabling this country to grow, prosper and become the greatest nation on Earth.” – Ted, VA

“Affordable energy means I have a job because my employer can pay utilities, employee salaries and make enough profit to stay in business, furthering supporting our local economy.”- Danny, KS

“I’m so thankful our country is more secure, because of the production of reliable, affordable coal energy. Because of this industry’s hard work people across America have the power needed to do our work.”– Carol, VA

“Coal has been and will be an integral part of our world for years to come. The industry puts forth every effort to efficiently extract a product that continues to provide necessary energy to keep America and the world working.” – Dawn, PA

“Affordable power means a chance to invest in our kids, so they can have a better life than we had. It means we can support our community.”- Adam, VA

“This coal power is one of THE most important industries in existence and deserves the recognition and praise of all Americans. Employees work hard to produce the world’s lowest cost (and most misunderstood) energy. Once America wakes up, my hope is that it will be recognized, and supported as it should have been all along.  I appreciate everything the coal industry does, especially in the face of an unappreciative and unsupportive administration.”  – John, AL