ACCCE Urges President Obama to Reaffirm Commitment to Clean Coal

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WASHINGTON - The following statement was released today by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity President and CEO Robert M. "Mike" Duncan in advance of President Obama’s State of the Union Address:
"Clean coal is an essential part of our nation’s energy future. As the President outlines his energy proposals tonight, we are reminded that he embraced clean coal in his 2012 campaign.
“However, over the past four years, the Administration’s policies have been inconsistent with the President’s campaign rhetoric.
“America needs coal-based electricity to hold down energy prices, keep manufacturers competitive, help the budgets of struggling families, and make our nation more secure. Americans want to see a path forward for clean coal. A recent poll shows that 77 percent of Americans believe that U.S. policies in the next four years should include clean coal electricity.
“We respectfully urge the President to reaffirm his commitment tonight to clean coal.”