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Columbia, SC – The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is hosting its third energy policy discussion today in Columbia, SC featuring remarks from presidential contender Rick Santorum.


The event, hosted by ACCCE in partnership with Washington, D.C.-based news outlet InsideSources, is part of a series of discussions examining the effects Environmental Protection Agency regulations are having on states and how energy policy more broadly is shaping the political narrative in the 2016 elections.


“ACCCE is pleased to provide a forum for presidential candidates to discuss critical energy issues which shape our nation’s future economic growth and security,” said Mike Duncan, president and CEO of ACCCE. “The current administration’s politicized energy agenda is dangerous and if left unchallenged will have a lasting impact on hardworking Americans who will face unsustainable energy price increases. In addition, the administration’s policies will have a lasting negative impact on our ability to compete globally. It is critical we all understand where candidates stand on energy issues so we can make an informed choice when it comes time to go to the ballot box.”


South Carolina receives 26 percent of its electricity from coal and as a result enjoyed an average electricity price of 9.00 cents/kWh in April, ten percent below the national average. Under EPA’s proposed carbon regulations, South Carolina faces an aggressive emission reduction goal of 51 percent. Meeting the goal will alter the state’s energy makeup and eliminate access to affordable, reliable electricity from coal. According to analysis by NERA Economic Consulting, peak-year electricity rate increases in South Carolina could reach 13 percent.



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