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This week, the United States witnessed increasingly cold temperatures and early snowfalls from coast to coast. With temperatures dropping, we are reminded that maintaining a reliable electric grid is of the upmost importance.


Just yesterday, the Tennessee Valley Authority recorded peak power demand of more the 26,600 megawatts – the second highest peak demand for a November day in TVA history. TVA was able to meet the demand, but may find it increasingly difficult as the Environmental Protection Agency’s carbon proposal threatens to reduce the supply of coal-fired electricity and severely impact the reliability of our electric grid.


Several major electric grid operators and energy-focused organizations have expressed concerns that EPA’s proposal fails to adequately protect electric grid reliability.

  • The Southwest Power Pool was among the first grid operators to release a study detailing major concerns with EPA’s proposed carbon regulations. In October, SPP warned of “voltage collapse and blackout conditions.”
  • The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the main grid operator serving 23 million Texans, also issued an analysis of the proposal. ERCOT stated that EPA’s proposal could result in “transmission reliability issues due to the loss of fossil fuel-fired generation resources...
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