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Washington, D.C. — Just in time for President Obama’s 54th birthday, the Environmental Protection Agency presented him with the gift of his political legacy.


“EPA gave President Obama his birthday present a day early – his political legacy tied up in a bow – a bow comprised of hardworking Americans hopes and dreams for a bright economic future,” said Laura Sheehan, ACCCE’s senior vice president of communications. “EPA’s gift is devastating to low and middle income families across the country who are already struggling to make ends meet and spending a disproportionate amount of their hard-earned dollars on energy.”


ACCCE will be analyzing the economic impacts of the final rule. The carbon rule EPA proposed last year carried a catastrophic price tag of at least $366 billion according to analysis done by NERA Economic Consulting. In addition, NERA projected consumers in almost every state would face double digit electricity price increases. Despite these enormous costs to American families and businesses, EPA’s gift will have no effect on climate change.


“While President Obama celebrates the work of EPA on his birthday, 19 million others who share his birthday are left wondering why they must pay so he can celebrate a misguided crusade that other world leaders are rejecting,” Sheehan said.


Last year during visits to New York and Canada before his first official visit to the White House, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott made it clear he respected the President’s climate initiative but would not bring a similar program...

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