“I am a husband, father of three and U.S. Navy veteran who has worked in the power industry for 27 years. I currently work in a coal power plant with all the up to date environmental controls. We supply power to 675,000 homes and I am very proud of the work I do. Myself and my coworkers are very worried about EPA regulations. I work with 125 men and women who stand to lose good paying jobs. My monthly electric bill is affordable due to coal power. I can only imagine how high it will go if these new rules pass. This is the only work that I know and this will deeply hurt and impact my family and many many others. Please think long and hard before doing this to the great men and women in the coal industry.” – Tom, IA

Affordable power is the backbone of American business. If we go much further our businesses will no longer be competitive. I want to buy American, but our options keep disappearing.” – John, IA

“My husband worked in the coal mines for 38 years and made a very good living for our family. I know without coal America will be in a world of trouble. No one will be able to pay for their electric bills because they will be so high, also a lot of miners will lose their jobs. If EPA gets its way, there will be a lot of people out of work. We need affordable power and we need it from coal!” – Kathy, NC

“Many industries compete with overseas rivals on power prices.  If U.S. industries can’t compete here, they may choose to relocate manufacturing operations to countries with low power costs.  When that happens, local businesses suffer and even more jobs are lost.  Everything we make, ship, store, buy, consume and even throw away has electricity cost added to it at every step along the way.  So, higher electricity prices would affect more than just our utility bill.  Far more.” – Tom, OH

Affordable power means I can afford to spend more money supporting local businesses. I also have a lot of friends who haul coal and would hate to see what happens to their families if they lose their jobs.” – Dan, OH

“Coal has kept Americans working for generations, and if people make money they spend money. More jobs is what keeps the economy going. For every good paying coal job at least two or three other jobs are created. Furthermore, lower electricity costs help families be able to spend money on other commodities.” – David, OH

“It’s about what it means to our country first.  It means tens of thousands of jobs for people living Appalachia and other parts of the country.  These people and their families depend on coal for their living.  In addition, it provides affordable power for millions of Americans.  It also fuels jobs in industry for millions of other Americans, from mining coal to manufacturing.  As a student, and former teacher, of climate and geography, the issue of pollution is pure rubbish when talking about the coal industry in the United States.  The effects of coal on climate here are minimal due to pollution standards, scrubbers, and other equipment, unlike China, India, and some other countries battling pollution problems from new manufacturing industries.  Our coal industry is vital to the economy of the United States and the American people.  End of discussion!” – Duane, OH

My small business uses a lot of energy.  For generations, my family has raised food for the people of this planet, and raising that food takes affordable electricity. The cost of my energy has gone up dramatically in just the past 5 years.  My concern is that as a country, we are sacrificing an ever growing, reliable and efficient electrical grid, for something some politician wants to force upon us. Without reliability, without efficiency, I am concerned with how my small business stays viable and profitable.  I wholeheartedly support growth in our clean, safe, efficient and reliable coal-based electrical infrastructure!” – Michael, IA

“These are already hard times and if power prices increase by 12% it would be devastating. If power goes up for me, it will also go up for businesses. This in turn will drive up prices on products and services, which affects me again. It’s not just one part of my life that will be affected. It will have a domino effect on the rest of it and be hard to live with.” – Joseph, NC

“From 1978 to 2004 my livelihood depended on coal and my community depends on the electricity it provides.  Great strides have been made in clean coal combustion technology.  Mining coal has never been safer.  The only obstacle is excessive government regulation.  Only a small handful of producers are left and the railroads will have to cut employment. If a turnaround to stop regulations doesn’t come soon, an entire industry will vanish.” – Jay, FL

Coal has built America. It is the reason we have warm houses, and provides the energy for factories and manufacturing plants. The trains that provided growth of this grand land were only able to do so because of coal. The administration generating these regulations will never be affected by the consequences like the everyday person will. Growing countries will not stop using coal or other energy sources to generate their growth. Getting rid of coal and its affordable power is an abuse of the everyday working American.” – Joann, IA

“Civilization.  Coal built it. Using it has never been better to its full extent in energy value and environmental stewardship. Why abandon an old and improving friend of civilization?” – Tim, OK