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Low-cost, reliable electricity from coal powers households and businesses across America. Regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, however, will jeopardize our access to affordable power and will cause electricity prices to skyrocket.

What Does EPA's Plan Mean to Your Home State?

Coal is one of this nation's dominant sources of energy. Click on your state to see its electricity portfolio, how it's affected by energy policy, the people and places behind the coal-based electricity industry, and latest news regarding energy in your area.


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#HillaryClinton says fossil-fuel extraction on public lands is a done deal. If so higher #energy costs are also a done deal via @POLITICOPro

@AmericasPower | 27m

Like #Washington bureaucracy, state stakeholder meetings will fail to explore the consequences of #CPP. //

@AmericasPower | 1h

RT @OhioCoalAssn: #Coal must not be thwarted - @ronaldreagan40 //

@AmericasPower | 2h

EPA's intimidating states into compliance, but we believe #CPP to be unlawful @AGScottPruitt // //

@AmericasPower | 3h

It’s been over 30 years since Ronald Reagan was in office yet #energy issues surrounding #coal are just as critical. //

@AmericasPower | 5h

We need the affordable #electricity that comes from #coal. Thank you, Mr. President, for this important reminder. //

@AmericasPower | 21h

There is nothing productive about a like-minded panel confirming each other’s thoughts on #Obama’s #CPP. //

@AmericasPower | 21h

#EPA’s costly power plan is unparalleled and is in violation of the law. @WestVirginiaAG // //

@AmericasPower | 22h