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We Crunched the Numbers on the EPA's Power Plan

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Low-cost, reliable electricity from coal powers households and businesses across America. Regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, however, will jeopardize our access to affordable power and will cause electricity prices to skyrocket.

What Does EPA's Plan Mean to Your Home State?

Coal is one of this nation's dominant sources of energy. Click on your state to see its electricity portfolio, how it's affected by energy policy, the people and places behind the coal-based electricity industry, and latest news regarding energy in your area.


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.@RandPaul believes the time is now to stop Obama’s illegal carbon plan.

@AmericasPower | 8h

DYK: #Obama will present most expensive #EPA reg ever at #COP21 as a model for the world?

@AmericasPower | 10h

.@RepHughes: we have the opportunity to stop #Obama's scheme to bypass Congress & the states w/ illegal regs.

@AmericasPower | 12h

Don’t be fooled by #Obama’s rhetoric at #COP21. In the U.S. his carbon plan is widely opposed.

@AmericasPower | 14h

.@RepZackSpace: #EPA has lost sight of the importance of preserving affordable & reliable #energy.

@AmericasPower | 15h

.@WestVirginiaAG & @KenPaxtonTX want #Obama to tell the truth at #COP21: he doesn’t have support at home.

@AmericasPower | 16h

#EPA claims that states say its #power plan isn’t controversial. Who are they talking to?

@AmericasPower | 19h

Now hundreds of Democrats are against Obama's radical climate agenda. #CPP @JohnDSiciliano

@AmericasPower | 1d